The Gardener's Friend

Contact: Esther Wolff

I provide a garden coaching and mentoring service, visiting clients in their own garden to offer personalized advice and practical hands-on gardening alongside them. Through my one-to-one sessions I teach clients how to design and look after their own garden. I have advised clients on how to plant up their borders, how and when to prune shrubs and trees, what to use to mulch the garden, how to divide plants, and much more. I have a suite of written materials covering different topics for clients to refer back to after our session.


I can also source high quality plants and advise on planting schemes.


Each session lasts two hours and clients can book as many as they like. I offer a range of ‘packages’ including a 12 month package which includes a free gardening calendar compiled during the course of our sessions. I take photographs and notes as we go along, and write everything up and present it as a bespoke calendar so that the client has a reminder of what needs doing each month.

Contact: Esther Wolff
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