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James is an artist who is highlighting issues of the environment and single use products. He turns unwanted material into something creative and unique and his artwork has been called “truly inspiring and thought provoking” and “an artist with a different vision and innovative way of working”.

He is also a Tree Council ambassador supporting the Force for Nature campaign and a COP26 One Step Greener ambassador and received an invitation to Downing Street and to COP26 Glasgow in 2021. A letter in January 2022 from the Prime Minister recognises his artwork in relation to COP26 and to the fundraising he has done through his art (including recently raising £20,000 for the Caudwell Children’s Charity).

James Owen Thomas' artist’s showreel:


A comment from Trudi Beswick, CEO of Caudwell Children; “James is one of the most creative, caring, talented people I have met; he is determined and successful in all he puts his mind to!  I am privileged to know him!  He uses his artwork to support others showing how kind he is raising money to support others with different disabilities, changing so many children’s lives”.

Source: James' visitors’ book, Saturday 26th March 2022

Contact: James Owen Thomas
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